Melatonin Should Not Be Used as a Quick Fix or A Long Term Solution

Recent report said, around 30% of people suffer from sleep disorder and 10% of them go through severe insomnia. While a number of medicines are available out there, melatonin happens to be the most effective amongst all natural sleep aids. Most doctors prefer to recommend melatonin to patients who are right candidates.

But truth is, melatonin comes with good number of side effects, if not used in the proper dosage. One of the major problems with this sleep-inducing drug is that it should not be used for long term. The main purpose of melatonin is to offer you a sound sleep and keep you asleep for a substantial period of time. By that time, you can get the core problem of insomnia treated.

Melatonin Should Not Be Used as a Quick Fix

Why shouldn’t you use Melatonin for long time?

Simply stating, the cause of insomnia can be something severe and using melatonin for a longer time will only shield the root cause of the problem. This will ultimately worsen the condition. So, it is not a permanent solution; but for a temporary relief till you get the actual issue treated permanently.

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Can Melatonin be Your Good Night Lullaby? Time to Decode!

It would have been utterly wonderful if people could forego the entangled intricacies of being an adult including INSOMNIA!

While the GEN Y and millennial are suffering from acute insomnia, their health is tolling to a wretched condition. Many factors seem to be responsible for this habitual sleeplessness. From disrupting a person’s mental health to his daily lifestyle, this sleeping disorder can create havoc in a short span of time.

So, what can be the way out?

Well, it’s a marvel of medical science, melatonin.

Melatonin Mood Swings

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