Planning to Buy Melatonin in the UK for Your Insomnia?

As per data, 16 million adults in the UK have the problem of insomnia! Also, women are more prone to this problem (54%) than men (41%). A solid reason to buy melatonin in the UK!

Insomnia – melatonin – where’s the connection and how? Well, now that you have already searched for ways to fall asleep and which pills to consume, scroll down a bit more, and you will get the specifics.

Melatonin – the hormone to help you sleep

Looking forth to buy melatonin in the UK? Well, you must check it in your body first! This is a hormone that your body secretes via the pineal gland, located above the cerebellum. Its primary function as a hormone is to regulate the levels of circadian rhythms and convey signals to multiple other organs.

circadian rhythm of melatonin

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