Buy Melatonin UK

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland. It is a pea-sized gland situated at the human brain’s centre. According to extensive researches performed on the brain’s functions, melatonin is a trigger for inducing sleep in the human body. Pineal gland releases it on signals of circadian rhythm or the ‘body clock’.

However, due to extensive gadgetry use, untimely sleep and other reasons, this rhythm breaks leading to a sleep disorder. Thus, doctors prescribe melatonin to people suffering from sleeplessness. You can buy melatonin in the UK as a medicine for curing issues related to sleep or insomnia.

Now, there’s a problem. In countriess like the USA, it is readily available as a dietary supplement. There, people can freely buy melatonin pills over the counter and use it to relieve from sleep disruptions. However, the case isn’t same in the UK where purchasing this supplement is not permitted.

Buy Melatonin UK

Then, how can you buy melatonin in the UK legally?

  1. As a prescription drug

Melatonin is not freely available in health stores or pharmacies in the UK. Hence, the only way to safely buy it is through a medical practitioner’s prescription. If you’re suffering from sleep disorders for long, it’s best to visit your doctor and get the medicine on prescription.

  1. Through NHS

The National Healthcare System in England also makes melatonin pills available if your sleep disorder is officially listed. So, another way is to check with your nearest NHS centre to get them.

  • Legally from out of the country

Since getting melatonin in the regular stores of the UK is next to impossible, you can bring the pills legally from out of the country.

  1. Through online stores

It is a reasonably effective way to buy melatonin in the UK from online stores. In case you are facing sleep issues not recognised officially by doctors. You can order them from online stores, some of whom supply these pills internationally. A list of these stores like Natrol, Dr Backhaus, GNC and Swanson make them available on their websites.

Melatonin supplements are available in the form of pills or as a liquid. While tablets are more suitable for adult consumption, children find it simpler swallowing them in liquid form.

Melatonin Dosage

It is important to note that melatonin is just like any other medicinal drug, and should be treated likewise. It is important to avoid melatonin overdose for similar reasons as the effect of any other medical overdose.

If you want to buy melatonin in the UK, the advice is to start with mini dosage where the strength ranges from 1 to 10 milligrams. Melatonin variants are also available in increasing concentrations for long-term consumption. One must read out the instructions that come along with it like avoiding driving or use of heavy equipment after melatonin consumption.

To get the right cure for sleeping disorder, one must stick to guidelines. Also, a smart way to use this supplement is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and consult your doctor before starting it.